Tips for Protecting Your Home from House Ants

Do you know that preventing the entry of ants in your home is an easier task than destroying them? There are many homeowners who forget all their ant-related agonies every year when the problem seems to vanish. However, just when these homeowners seem to be too happy, these ants make their presence known during spring time and often in the same spots they were seen before.

So, it is obvious, contrary to what some people would like to believe, the ant colonies do not get destroyed during the winter. They are just in the hibernation mode while laying their eggs and taking low nutritious while the climatic conditions are unfavorable for supporting the colonies. If you want to keep your home free of ants, you should learn about the various ant types that may exist in and around your house and the kind of conditions they are fond of. Limiting the environment and curtailing the food supply they prefer and keeping a close tab on symptoms for ant colonies may also come handy to keep your ant problems at a distance as well. Read on to know in detail about those tips that can protect your property from house ants.

Identify the ants that are frequenting your property

Do you know the kind of ants that are living in your property? There are various species of house ants and there is likelihood that only a particular kind has invaded your home. The first step to eliminate ants from your home is to know their type so that you can think of an appropriate action to eliminate them.

Always keep your kitchen clean and store your food in it

There are two key things ants keep looking for; food and a conducive location where they can build their nest. If you can limit the access of the house ants to these two resources, it will become simpler to keep them away from your home. According to Ant control is a process that has both , the most important way to ensure that ants are not breeding in your house is by keeping your kitchen clean and food stored away all the times. Although your kitchen could be spotlessly clean, you should be cautious about the following items, which attract house ants and cockroaches.

Flower arrangements- They can draw aphids that have a positive correlation with ants. So, it is better to shift such glower arrangements to one of your outdoor tables.

Fruit baskets-While fruit baskets look great on your countertops, they also attract different types of undesirable pests.

Spills of sugary items- Most of the times, ants are fond of sugary substances. In fact, even a grain of sugar or a small drop of honey that accidentally gets spilled on your countertop may attract several ants. You should also remember that other edible items like bread and wine have a high proportion of sugar in them too. It is always recommended to try eating food and store them in the kitchen only so that your ant problems do not spread to other parts of the house.

Eliminate them in winters

The reproduction of ant colonies is quite slow during winter months and is extremely fast during the spring. It is a difficult task to stop the ants multiply if they have more than one colony and queens. In fact, extermination of ants is easier if they are less in numbers and should be done before the infestation levels are reached. When you put an end to ant populations and nests in and around your house before they can come indoors searching for their food, an extermination can be prevented inside your house.

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