An Introduction

Hi Low Carbers!  This is the other half of Maggie and Wilson checking in.  My name is Cathy and I am owned by “Wilson”, a 7 year old, superbly spoiled Weimaraner.

I am just now in the process of getting my kitchen, and attitude, geared up to eat a lower carb diet.  I have been reluctant to begin simply because I’m not sure where to start.  My husband and children are not on board with this idea either, which adds an additional layer of resistance.  I am hoping that blogging about it will not only keep me on track but that it will also result in getting some ideas from all of you out there that are also on this path. Strength in numbers, or so they say.

Low carb is a concept I understand and it makes sense, but let’s be honest here. Many of the recipes commercially available in low carb cookbooks are, in a word, gross.  Many times when I’ve tried them I’ve found myself wondering if the person who wrote the recipe actually tasted the end result and lived to tell about it.  I’m tired of wasting food because it is absolutely inedible.

I have some interesting health issues that make this a different kind of challenge for me.  I am allergic to many raw fruits and vegetables and have been for most of my life, which makes finding variety quite the quest.  As an added bonus, I also suffer from IBS and am unable to ingest sugar substitutes that contain sugar alcohol.  Aspartame causes me headaches that last for days.  And last, but certainly not least…  I am lazy and set in my ways.  Don’t get me wrong… I love to cook and, according to my family and friends, and judging by my waistline and my husband’s, I excel at it.  The challenge for me is going to be finding ways to alter my personal recipes to be lower carb without sacrificing too much of the flavor.

Greek and Italian are my two favorite types of food to prepare and eat, so you’ll see recipes with lots of fresh herbs and even more garlic.  So please, join me on this journey and feel free to offer any advice or ideas that you have.