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Broccoli, bacon and feta sounds like the perfect combination. I so prefer vegetable salads over the lettuce variety.

hmm this recipe sounds great. looks nice and light too, hope i have some feta cheese in.

How much broccoli do you use and how many servings is it? Do you have a calorie count too? Thanks :)

I looked up the recipe in my notebook and updated the recipe to reflect some changes I've made the last couple times I've made this. The way the recipe is listed on the site right now, using a 12oz bag of broccoli, is about 275 calories and 4g net carb.

To make it lower in calories you could use center cut bacon, turkey bacon and light mayo (if you can find some that doesn't have corn syrup in it). If you are using it as a side dish I would say it could easily be lightened up. To use as your whole meal I'd be ok adding a little extra bacon and cheese.

I've used fresh shredded Parmesan Cheese in salads when I'm out of Feta - not exactly the same but it works pretty well. The real key to this recipe though is the pepper. It makes a huge difference!

~ Deb

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